Meet Our FUE Specialists

Tight-Knit Experts Serving the San Francisco Bay Area

Dr. David Lieberman and Dr. Sachin Parikh work with specialized medical technicians who assist with each procedure. These individuals have extensive training and experience with hair restoration and the Neograft® technique in particular. Our practice has selected an elite subgroup of Neograft® specialists who work consistently at our practice. They have been chosen based on their extensive experience with FUE, their meticulous attention to detail, and their desire to maximize the success of every hair restoration procedure we perform at our center.


While the pattern, directionality, and density of the hair restoration procedure is designed solely by the doctor, a specialist will assist with components of the follicular unit removal and certain parts of the insertion. Working as a team, our priority is to work diligently and efficiently in order to maximize survival of each follicle and thereby deliver the absolute best result in hair restoration.